7.340 Samgyeopsal


10 (Sat) December 2016



at Yoree

(see most recently 7.208 Mul Naeng Myeon)

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines-

with W and The Boyz, P and L

End-of-Year dinner with the family, which now includes our driver and nanny.

Not bad per se, just pedestrian.

Sad to report that Yoree, which I’d once considered the best Korean restaurant in Manila, better than most in Korea, has taken a dramatic dive for the worse, following an apparent change in ownership.  The first sign of danger was the expanded menu, now offering every conceivable dish, presumably diluting integrity throughout.  Confirmed by the dishes served, barely passable in terms quality, taste, and presentation.

2 thoughts on “7.340 Samgyeopsal

    1. before moving to PHL, i would’ve agreed with you without hesitation. but now having lived in a country where meat isn’t always well stored, and therefore can be funky at times, especially fattier cuts (supposedly, the fat is where a particular animal’s distinctive flav0r primarily lies), i’m very cautious about pork belly. these days, in fact, i never set out in advance to make any particular meat dish until i’m in the store and i can see what looks/smells reasonably fresh.

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