8.300 Strip Steak


1 (Wed) November 2017

Strip Steak


by me

at the cabin

-Changchon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Korea-

with the boys

Mission to Korea + Fall Vacation, Day 11.

In Seoul.  Here, initially, to coordinate the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting for National Ethics/Bioethics Committees (AP-NEC), which WHO co-organized in collaboration with the National Bioethics Committee of Korea (KNBC) last week.  Staying on through the end of this week on an extended holiday with the family.


On our way to the cabin, we dropped by one of my favorite restaurants in the world: Okcheon Goeup Naeng Myeon.  It moved to a new building next door to the old place.

The price of the meat items have gone up 2,000 won, but the naeng myeon prices hold steady at 7,000 won, same as 5 years ago.

For dinner, sirloin strip from the local butcher (see generally 4.197 Grilled Salchisal), grilled to a perfect medium, served with garlic potatoes, kimchi, and salad from the garden.  What a fine meal.

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