9.296 Shabu Shabu


28 (Sun) October 2018

Shabu Shabu


at Chakhan So

-Seowon, Hoeseong, Gangwon, Korea-

with the Boys, Mom, Aunt T, Uncle S

They’ve grown (see previously 6.218 The Fatta the Lan).

Fall Holiday + Medical Leave, Day 3.

In Seoul – actually, Gangwon for two days.  W will be undergoing a medical procedure next week, which we scheduled during the boys’ mid-term break so we could be together in support.

To give W a bit of downtime, the boys and I retreated to the cabin for the weekend.

Mom came this afternoon.

Chakhan So is a Korean restaurant.  Serves one dish: shabu shabu.

The name of the place means “nice (chakhan) cow (so),” which seems cruelly ironic for the cow whose flesh we devoured.


The food was excellent.  So much veg, the meal seemed almost vegetarian.

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