10.014 La Mian with Scallion


19 (Sat) January 2019

La Mian with Scallion


at Paradise Dynasty

-SM Aura, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

Good.  Freshly pulled noodles, nicely chewy.  Deep-fried scallion, well-cooked and well-seasoned, but needed more of it.  Pork bone broth was rich in flavor and crisp in texture, if perhaps a tad too heavy.

Nowhere near the one that I first experienced at Crystal Jade (see 3.248 La Mian in Scallion Oil).

Stir-Fried Shrimps in Spicy Bean & Tomato Sauce (2.5) – sweetish, sourish, okayish.

Worth a 4th visit (see most recently 9.340 Chilli Crab Xiao Long Bao).

2 thoughts on “10.014 La Mian with Scallion

  1. How is broth “crisp in texture”? and at the same time heavy?? Every now and then i want to call BS… 🙂 So glad GMTD is back!


    1. Agree that the two descriptions don’t quite align – don’t recall what i was trying to express – but you don’t need to call it “BS” – jeez, I’m just trying laying it out there.

      Great to have you back!


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