11.166 Combination Pizza


19 (Fri) June 2020

Combination Pizza


 from Domino’s Pizza

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Korea-

with the Family

Having shipped our household effects from Manila on 29 May (see 11.145 Cheese + Combination Pizza), we were pleasantly shocked to receive word while still under quarantine that the container would arrive in Korea on 15 June and be delivered to our residence on 19 June, which is already today.  Just 3 weeks door-to-door.  Apparently, the reduction in international trade during the pandemic has eased congestion at the ports.

As per American moving day tradition, we had pizza (for dinner) (see most recently 11.145 Cheese + Combination Pizza).

As per Korean moving day tradition, we had jjajang myeon (for lunch) – our first meal as a family (along with the movers) in our new home.

For me, this is the 29th place that I’ve considered home, averaging 1 domicile every 1.6 years over the course of 46.5 years.

  1. House, Naesu, Seoul
  2. Apartment (1-BR), Santa Clara, CA
  3. Apartment (2-BR), Santa Clara, CA
  4. Townhouse, Santa Clara, CA
  5. House, Aspesi Drive, Saratoga, CA
  6. House, Bulgwang, Seoul
  7. Apartment, Misung, Sinsa, Seoul
  8. Apartment, Hyundai, Ogeum, Seoul
  9. Apartment, Hyundai, Ogeum, Seoul
  10. Dorm, Columbia University, New York, NY
  11. Apartment, Areum, Bundang, Seongnam
  12. Room, Alexandria, VA
  13. Apartment, Concord, CA
  14. Apartment, Concord, CA
  15. Apartment, Lake Merrit, Oakland, CA
  16. Apartment, Haste Street, Berkeley, CA
  17. Apartment, Albany, CA
  18. House, Cheongdam, Seoul
  19. Apartment, Los Angeles, CA
  20. Apartment, Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA
  21. Apartment, Bundang, Seoul
  22. Apartment, Nonhyeon, Seoul
  23. Apartment, Joongang Heights, Oksu, Seoul
  24. Apartment (studio), One Adriatico Place, Malate, Manila (see generally 5.008 Chicken Pork Adobo)
  25. Apartment (1-BR), One Adriatico Place, Malate, Manila (see generally 5.054 Spaghetti)
  26. Apartment (3-BR), MH Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila (see generally 6.186 Hitting Close to Home)
  27. Apartment (3-BR), One Serendra, BGC, Manila (see generally 7.180 General Tso’s Chicken)
  28. House, Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Manila (see generally 10.052 Combination Pizza)
  29. Apartment, Wirye The Hill, Seongnam (see generally 11.166 Combination Pizza)


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