11.327 Premium Tuna Sashimi Set


27 (Fri) November 2020

Premium Tuna Sashimi Set


from Jib euro Gan Chamchi

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Jib euro gan Chamchi (집으로 간 참치) is a Korean-Japanese restaurant.  As the name would suggest – “The tuna (chamchi) that has gone (euro gan) home (jib)” – the establishment specializes in tuna sashimi via home delivery.

Located in the same building as our massage parlor (not sure what else to call it).

4 options for tuna sashimi sets:

Drinking Alone Set = 22 pieces = 25,000 won

Couple Set = 30 pieces = 32,000 won

Premium Set = 36 pieces, including hwangsaechi = 42,000 won

Special Set = 36 pieces, all tuna = 51,000 won

We opted for the Premium – I actually like hwangsaechi (see 11.286 Hwangsaechi Nigirizushi); we even got an extra order.

Very neatly and efficiently packed into one bag.
Then again, that’s a lot of single-use plastics.
In fairness to us, who could resist digging right in to that?
Because the Premium comes with more hwangsaechi – the white fish hidden underneath the pink tuna – it’s cheaper than the Special, which is all tuna.
Extra order of hwangsaechi = 5 pieces = 6,000 won.
Side order of sushi rice = 10 pieces = 2,000 won.
With sushi rice: good.
With dried laver and radish sprouts: better.
With sushi rice and dried laver and radish sprouts: best.

It could’ve been quite good.   The quality of the fish was fine, nice selection of cuts.  However, the meat was still frozen solid by the time we set out the spread and sat down to eat, as evident in the stiffness of the slices above.  We should’ve waited a bit but just went ahead, all the while complaining that it was too cold to taste anything.  Next time, I shall strive for patience.

(For more details re food, see WHAT)

(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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