12.191 Luxury Tuna Sashimi Set

Cycle 12 – Cycle 191

15 (Thu) July 2021

Luxury Tuna Sashimi Set


from Jib euro Gan Chamchi

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Today was DJ’s 14th birthday.  Given a choice, he requested that we have sushi and sashimi via home delivery.

Since our first encounter with this establishment, the menu has undergone a few changes.  First, prices are up across the board, between 3,000 to 6,000 won more for each set.  They’ve also added upgraded sets, including the Luxury Set (63,000 won), Luxury Party Set (123,000 won), and the VIP Set (86,000 won), which I’m taking as a sign that business is good.

Sushi Set (3.0): better to order sushi rice balls and make your own with the sashimi.

Just curious, I went through the GMTD archives to see what we’ve had for dinner on DJ’s birthdays over the years.  I was surprised, a bit embarrassed, to find very little.

Then a gap of 6 years when we did nothing special to mark the occasion.  In fact, I wasn’t even in the same country on the day of his birthday for 5 of the years, either on duty travel or on my own in Manila – so I don’t know if they did something without me.  I’m suddenly realizing how many family birthdays I must’ve missed while working for WHO, a hidden cost among many costs working for WHO.

  • 2019 (12th)
  • 2018 (11th)
  • 2017 (10th)
  • 2016 (9th)
  • 2015 (8th)
  • 2014 (7th)

I was a better dad, birthday-wise, in the 3 years leading up to WHO.

Prior to that, the record is a bit sketchy.

  • 2010 (3rd) (nothing special)
  • 2009 (2nd) (no recollection)
  • 2008 (1st) (dol janchi)
  • 2007 (actual) (I wasn’t in the same country on the day of birth (see generally 12.180 Bread and Cheese (and Other Stuff))



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