13.288 Lentil Tostada Bowl

Cycle 13 – Item 288

20 (Thu) October 2022

Lentil Tostada Bowl


at SFS Elementary Cafeteria

-Yeonhi, Seodaemun, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with staff

Back at SFS for another book fair, which ended today.  We surpassed 50 million won in gross sales, a 40% increase from the book fair at SFS last spring (see 13.141 Chohoe), also a new all-time book fair record, previously set at YISS in the spring (see 13.111 Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce + Fried Rice + Salad).  The outcome was extremely gratifying, as I’d supervised the organization and implementation of the book fair in its entirety this time.

Following the book fair last spring, I had ranked SFS 3rd among the 3 international schools where I’d eaten lunch thus far.  After the lunch experiences this fall, I’ve reassessed.

The cafeteria has a guy making fresh pizza, which I hadn’t noticed last time.
Always 2 varieties: 1 cheese, 1 meat.

I was especially impressed to discover that a vegetarian dish is offered every day.  Which is interesting because it’s the elementary school cafeteria – kids at SFS eat ratatouille?  For me, the dishes were kinda too light to constitute a full meal on their own, but very much appreciated on the side.

Day 1: turkey sandwich + cheese pizza + roast chicken quarter + couscous salad
Day 2: ratatouille + cheese pizza + roast chicken quarter
Day 3: lentil tostada bowl

Cafeteria food at international schools in Korea, ranked according to taste and quality, as well as overall service, based on my experiences at book fairs:

    1. SFS (13.139 Kimchi Fried Rice) (13.288 Lentil Tostada Bowl)
    2. YISS (13.111 Fried Chicken with Soy Sauce + Fried Rice + Salad)
    3. CDS (12.107 Chicken Mayo Rice)



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