13.355 Tamago

Cycle 13 – Item 355

26 (Mon) December 2022



at Kanku Shokudo

(Kansai International Airport)

-Senshukukokita, Sennan, Osaka, Japan-

with the Family

Family Holiday in Japan – Winter 2022 (Day 4)

In Osaka.  Our first overseas vacation together in nearly 3 years, previously UAE in 2019 (see 10.301 Fish Harra).  The decision to go and the selection of Osaka, based on the criteria of food and shopping, was made 2 days prior to departure.  Staying for 3 nights in Shinsaibashi, with memories of my past trip to Osaka in 2014 (after my very first duty travel for WHO) (see 5.146 Shime Saba Hakozushi).


Kanku Shokudo is a Japanese food court restaurant stall.  Specializes in home-style Japanese meals.

The food court.

Arriving early in the morning at KIX (Kansai International Airport) for our noon flight back to Korea, we had some time for breakfast before check-in, and I was in the mood for ramen.

Located in Terminal 1, 2nd floor (before security).

When I saw what Kanku Shokudo had to offer, I changed course (even though I still would’ve preferred ramen).

Most items are self-service, except grilled fishes and tamago.

I was blown away, not by the food itself, which was okay, but by the humble audacity of it.  I mean, who but the Japanese would have such confidence in their cuisine, at even the most basic level, to serve such modest foods at such a high profile international airport?

From left: grilled salmon + spinach + miso soup + steamed rice + tamago.

Wondering if this had anything to do with Michelle Zauner naming her band Japanese Breakfast.  I read her book Crying in H Mart with immense enjoyment and respect, and it’s a lot about food, and dealing with a difficult mother, in a Korean-American context – which kinds sums up my life – and yet for some reason I’ve yet to mention it on GMTD.

(See also BOOZE)



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