14.140 Palak Dal

Cycle 14 – Item 140

25 (Thu) May 2023

Palak Dal


at Bombay Brau

-Songdo, Yeonsu, Incheon, Republic of Korea-


In Incheon.  Supervising a book fair this week at CI, my second one at this school (see previously 13.337 Veggie Sweet Potato Hamburger Steak).  As with last year, given the work load and long distance from home, I will be staying in a hotel for the duration.  This time, I will be joined by HK, our IRIS focal point.

CI Spring 2023 Book Fair (Day 3)

Alone again for dinner.

Located 2.2 km from the hotel.

Drove into town to eat at my favorite restaurant in Songdo, this time for dine-in service.

The experience was partially marred by a pair of Karens downing on Chardonnays (“Oh my god, like this is literally a decent wine, and in an Indian restaurant, in Korea, of all places!”) and gabbing away at full voice the important bullshit of their lives (“Oh my god, like I have literally the funniest story to tell you!”

The food was good.  Palak Dal wasn’t a menu item, but I asked to substitute dal for paneer.  Not amazing but solid, the most authentic India meal that I’ve had in Korea (see for comparison 14.078 Butter Prawn Makhani).

Chicken Tandoori (half) (3.0): good as I remembered (see most recently 13.335 Chicken Tandoori + Dal Makhani + Naan).



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