14.141 Dimsum Set

Cycle 14 – Item 141

26 (Fri) May 2023

Dimsum Set


at Bao Chai

(Siheung Premium Outlet Mall)

-Baegod, Siheung, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


In transit.  Spent the week in Incheon to supervise a book fair at CI, my second one at this school (see previously 13.337 Veggie Sweet Potato Hamburger Steak).  As with last year, given the work load and long distance from home, I stayed in a hotel for the duration.  This time, I was joined by HK, our IRIS focal point.

CI Spring 2023 Book Fair (Day 4)

Although we didn’t do as well as last time (fall book fairs always do better), we broke our all-time record for spring book fairs.

We wrapped at noon – as per our book fair practice these days to finish on a half-day, so that we can pack up and get back to the warehouse before COB.

On the way back, I dropped by Siheung Premium Outlet Mall for lunch.

Located on the 1st floor.

Bao Chai is a Korean-Chinese restaurant chain.  Currently 5 locations, including 4 in outlet malls.  Self-billed as “authentic Chinese cuisine,” it’s mostly standard Korean-Chinese (e.g., jjajang myeon), with a smattering of dimsum.

All dimsum options at or below 10,000 won – not bad.

The food was okay.  The set included a hargao + a shomai + a pair of shrimp & chive dumplings.  Though most likely frozen and steamed upon order, they were well-enough made that I couldn’t tell for sure.  Yet another positive sign that dimsum is becoming more mainstream (see also 14.104 Shrimp Asparagus (Dumplings)).

Chinese Naeng Myeon (2.5)



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