14.139 LA Flower Preferential Treatment Rib

Cycle 14 – Item 139

24 (Wed) May 2023

LA Flower Preferential Treatment Rib


at Jikhwa Daecheop

-Songdo, Yeonsu, Incheon, Republic of Korea-


In Incheon.  Supervising a book fair this week at CI, my second one at this school (see previously 13.337 Veggie Sweet Potato Hamburger Steak).  As with last year, given the work load and long distance from home, I will be staying in a hotel for the duration.  This time, I will be joined by HK, our IRIS focal point.

CI Spring 2023 Book Fair (Day 2)

Staff were too tired (or claimed to be) to join me for dinner, so I was on my own.  Too tired myself to drive anywhere, I was stuck with whatever happened to be within walking distance.

Located across the street from the hotel (as seen in the distance to the right).

Jikhwa Daecheop is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in Korean BBQ.  Miraculously, it is not part of a chain (yet).

Doesn’t look that packed here, but I had to wait 30 minutes for a table.

Passing by the restaurant and glancing at the menu, I was intrigued by the offer of a bone-in cut of beef – a rarity in Korea.  Described as “LA (presumably in reference to its American sourcing, not the marinated dish LA galbi (see for example 1.168 LA Galbi) + Ggot (“flower,” a metaphor for the marbling) + Woodae (“preferential treatment,” meaning top quality) + Galbi (technically, “galbi” simply means “rib”).  Without really looking at the photo, or asking the server, I sat down and ordered it.

56,000 won per order.

Assuming that the cut would be something of a tomahawk chop, which is growing in popularity here these days, I was a bit disappointed to find that it was just a long rib bone with part of a long rib finger attached.

500 grams total, including the bone.
Most meat that I’ve eaten in over a year (see most recently 13.127 Bone-In Strip Loin).
After carving off as much meat as I could, I asked the kitchen to weigh the bone: 120 g, leaving 380 g of meat, or 14,740 won per 100 g, which isn’t too bad.

The meat was okay.  The best part were the bits attached the bone.   Perhaps worth the money, but not worth gorging on.

(See also HANSIK)


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