2.273 Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe


5 (Wed) October 2011

Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe


at McDonald’s


-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with DJ

Among the posts on the blog that have registered the most independent hits thus far, 3 of the top 4 have featured burgers from either McDonald’s or Burger King (see 2.179 Grand Prime2.166 Garlic Steakhouse Burger1.329 Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese), and 2 of those are items exclusive to Korea.  While exposure has never been an objective of GMTD, I hereby post on another Korean market fast food item and sell out the integrity of the blog for a few additional hits.

Shanghai Spice Chicken Deluxe Burger.  It’s the exact same burger as the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger, which I covered in a prior post (see 1.103 Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Set), only with a dusted bun and a slice of tomato and a couple sorry-ass pieces of strangely sweet bacon to make it “deluxe.”  4,500 won.  Not that I liked the original version by any means, but I tend to prefer simple bad to complex bad, all things being equal.

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