6.079 Doenjang Jjigae with Shrimp


25 (Wed) March 2015

Doenjang Jjigae with Shrimp


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-

with TL

Shrimp came across a bit shrimpy, not in a good way.

And I didn’t add enough water to the soup base, making it way too salty–at first, eventually corrected.


Over the past 15 months, after relocating to Manila in January 2014, the dubious distinction of sharing the most dinners with me was set at 33 occasions by EK (see most recently 6.002 Pan-Grilled Shrimp…; see initially 5.044 Grilled Angus Flank Steak) (as far as I can recall).

TL tied the mark this evening (see most recently 6.076 Arya Dip Platter; see initially 5.030 Ggot Deung Sim…).

Whereas EK is now back in Seoul, while TL is looking to be in Manila at least through June, probably beyond, TL’s new mark down the road will very likely be unbeatable, barring unforeseen circumstances.  (The pace with TL should slow significantly starting in April, when her best friend returns from a long deployment to West Africa.)

In stark contrast, I had a mere 26 dinners with my closest colleagues at my former faculty in the 5 years preceding the relocation.

I had 620 dinners with D during the same period (average 124 per year–surprisingly low), 54 in the 15 months since (average 43 per year–surprisingly high).

9 thoughts on “6.079 Doenjang Jjigae with Shrimp

  1. 33 with me including 6.001 and 6.002., i think. good fun. i miss those good days 🙂

  2. oops, you’re right! i’ve rewritten the post above.

    actually, can you recall any other dinners before the one at My Kitchen?

  3. as far as I recall, the very first meal that we shared was lunch at Mr.Choi with Yuri and other interns in September, 2013. for dinner, i think the one at My Kitchen was the first one (i was back to manila on 2 Feb, 2014).

  4. sorry, i can’t see the contents through the link; please indicate it like “6.001”.

  5. hmm..this is a tough question.

    1) if the boss was there, i’m 100% sure that i wasn’t at the dinner (it was in Dec 2013 that i had the first dinner with him);
    2) if the boss wasn’t there and Prof. SMS at Yonsei was there, i’m 100% sure that i wasn’t at the dinner (i never had dinner with Prof. SMS); or
    3) if both of them were not there, i’m 98% sure that i was at the dinner.

  6. this was during the week of MCH/NUT’s meeting on marketing of tobacco, alcohol, etc. to children. the only participant i can recall is Dr C.I. Kim (responsible for KOR’s Special Children’s Nutrition Act). neither the boss nor SMS was there. HRShin was the most senior staff present.

  7. then, i think probably i was there (though i can’t recall anyone at the dinner;;). wish i got a photo of that dinner’s guests to confirm. that week was my first week of STC…time flies!

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