6.198 Jumbo Prawns with Broccoli in Ginger-Onion Sauce


22 (Wed) July 2015

Jumbo Prawns with Broccoli in Ginger-Onion Sauce


at Seafood Market

-Ermita, Manila-

with K staff

Different, again (see for comparison 6.184 Jumbo Prawns with Asparagus in Ginger-Onion Sauce).

The issue may now be moot.  Ever since the restaurant underwent a recent change in ownership, the boss has been growing increasingly dissatisfied with the selection, preparation, service, etc.   At the conclusion of dinner tonight — in fairness to the restaurant, the food itself seemed okay to me, and to everyone else at the table, but he was in a less-than-receptive mood this evening — he gave the order to stop hosting dinners here.

Which, on one hand, is quite a shame, in light of our long history with the establishment (see generally 4.263 Parros Clams…), as well as the nearly completed campaign that I’ve conducted over the past year and a half to develop a perfect menu (see most recently 6.164 Deep-Fried Tofu…).

Of course, the mandate doesn’t preclude me from eating at the place with other people, as I’ve done on occasion.

Then again, management’s half-assed attitude these days has been getting on my nerves, so I should use this opportunity to make a clean break entirely.

Anyway, given my responsibility for ordering the food at our gatherings, I’m relieved that I no longer have to fret over the unpredictable outcomes of this menuless restaurant.

Looking forward to the challenge of finding a new place and developing a perfect menu there.

2 thoughts on “6.198 Jumbo Prawns with Broccoli in Ginger-Onion Sauce

  1. what a shame…i can hardly imagine the gatherings will not be held at the seafood market any more…

    btw, are you planning to get your completed SOP enshrined in a spreadsheet or did you already do it?

    1. funny you should ask, because I had indeed written out the menu (not like an SOP spreadsheet, but more like a restaurant menu), but the boss was so annoyed from the start that I didn’t present it.

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