6.268 Squid with Salt & Pepper


30 (Wed) September 2015

Squid with Salt & Pepper


at Maria Orosa Seafood Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with K colleagues

Quite nice.  The squid itself, thick and juicy.  The salt & pepper, delicately seasoned.  Preferable for me, and probably to Korean palates in general, to the version at Golden Fortune (see generally 6.233 The New Spread…).

Polonchay & Seafood Soup (3.5) — essentially the same as the one at Golden Fortune (see 6.233 above), with chunkier polonchay, though somewhat less tasty overall.
Chicken in Hot Pot (2.5) — indescribably nondescript.
Kailan with Garlic (3.0)
Fresh Scallops with Egg Whites (3.5) — this time much better with broccoli (see 6.263 above).

Furthering our exploration of this restaurant (see most recently 6.263 Fresh Scallops with Egg Whites) as an alternative to Golden Fortune for our group dinners (see most recently 6.261 Chopped & Steamed Garoupa…).

The menus share certain dishes in common, so constructing a similar menu wouldn’t be a major stretch.

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