9.093 My Kimchi


8 (Sun) April 2018

My Kimchi


by me

at home

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-


At long last, I present my rendition of pogi (whole) kimchi.

Over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with formulations for the stuffing.  It started with the basic recipe for my friend HS’s geotjeoli (see 7.109 Chicken Tikka with Tabouleh), though ultimately I was aiming to emulate the taste of my friend IT’s commercial kimchi (see 7.301 The Kimchi).

Last year, my mother showed me her technique (see 8.205 Mom’s Kimchi).      

The time had come to combine recipe with technique.

It worked, kinda.  Nowhere near as rich and intense in flavor as IT’s nor as bright and crisp in texture as my mom’s, but not too bad for a first attempt.

For the first meal, it had to be AHQFGT (see most recently 9.074 AHQFGT Deluxe).

Recipe, along with photos of the technique, someday to follow.

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