9.151 Steamed Live Maine Lobster


5 (Tue) June 2018

Steamed Live Maine Lobster


at Mamou

(Serendra Piazza)

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

If money were no object, I wonder how many of these lobsters (each about 650 grams = 1.5 lbs) could I eat in one sitting (at least three) and how many days in a row could I eat them (at least 10).

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4 thoughts on “9.151 Steamed Live Maine Lobster

  1. Knuckle meat is kind of a hassle, though I suppose I’d acknowledge that it’s sweeter and more tender (like crab) than tail.

    Tomalley, well, it’s just kind of there – like how cheese is essential to the burger, but not the best part.

    In fact, I was deshelling prawns the other day, and thinking how I liked the added flavor of the brains/guts that stay attached to the body.


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