10.194 Burrata


18 (Thu) July 2019



at Terra 13

-Cheongdam, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea-

with the Family and Folks

Mission to Fiji + Personal Deviation, Day 10.

In Seoul.  Finished a mission in Fiji to conduct a series of planning meetings and ocular inspections in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019 and highlight the role of parliamentarians in addressing the health impacts of climate change.  It was the fourth such scoping mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 10.118 Awhi Farms…).  On my way home.

Fortunately, the itinerary takes me through Korea, giving me a chance to see my family, including my father on his birthday.


Terra 13 is an Italian restaurant.

My father likes Italian food on his birthday (see previously  9.192 Tuna Pizza)


The food was excellent.  Every dish was thoughtfully conceived, expertly executed.  And for this market, many of the ingredient choices were refreshingly daring in their novelty – having never before encountered burrata (see below) or paccheri (see below), I was a little nervous when ordering them on recommendation, an excitement that I rarely feel in a typical Italian restaurant these days.  A fine, and fun, meal.

Al Tartufo Nero e Panna da Sortino!!! (3.5): “gentile gragnano paccheri pasta with fresh thyme, herb-infused cream, taleggio and parmigiano cheeses, sliced San Daniele prosciutto, and Chef’s special truffle pesto sauce” – generally not a fan of tube pasta, but the very size of this paccheri made for an interesting mouthfeel, perfectly al dente; delicate cream sauce enhanced with truffle oil.
Pizza Margherita (3.25): perfect wood-fired crust, but I need a bit more on top.
Akushi Beef Striploin (3.5): “Japanesed wagyu beef, Korean Hanwoo beef cross breed, top quality striploin steak” – genetic provenance aside, the steak was about as good as a piece of meat can get.
Good to the last bite.

The burrata was amazing.  Fresh mozzarella shell giving way to stracciatella (shredded cheese curds) and cream within – an intriguing soft-on-softer textural contrast.  Shaved Parmigiano cheese for a layer of nuttiness.  Prosciutto, immaculate in flavor, for a perfectly salty/meaty counterpoint.  Ripe tomatoes for a welcome fresh crunch.  Best antipasto that I’ve ever experienced.

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