13.086 Jjajang Myeon

Cycle 13 – Item 86

1 (Fri) April 2022

Jjajang Myeon


by me

at Solddeul Camping

-Sinbok, Okcheon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Camping Rehab, Part III (Day 1)

Getting myself back into the camping game, one critical element is the upgrade of gear.  Following the prior outing (see previously 13.023 Neoguri Pesce), I’ve made several key purchases, including most importantly a new tent, as well as a nifty roll-up portable screen that can be hung without a stand (not key, but fun).

The new tent.
Much roomier than our previous tent (see generally 12.325 (Garlic) Abalones).
The L-shaped cooking area, plus storage under the table, is arranged to facilitate access to food and ingredients, cooking vessels and implements, heating sources, and serving plates and utensils, as well as trash bins, all from a fixed seated position.
The sleep space is pitched within seconds, simply by connecting pegs on the outside of the inner tent to hoops on the inside of the main tent.
The long tunnel form facilitates set-up of a movie projector and screen, attached to the far end of the tent via bungee cords (IZ feigning prudishness at the love scene in Big).

Packing for the trip, I’d scrounged random leftover tidbits from the fridge, which I threw together to make a vaguely Korean-Chinese-ish spread.

Also fried rice, and mapa doufu.


(See also CAMPING)

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