4.342 Modeum


13 (Fri) December 2013



at Gogi Nara

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, families of DJ’s former daycare friends

Retreat with DJ’s Former Daycare Friends & Families (Day 1 of 3)

While the plan is to cook most of our meals, nobody was really ready/willing to fire up the stove upon arrival, so we went out for dinner on our first evening.

Do other countries sell beer in 1.5-liter bottles?

Everything else in the area closed, our only option was Gogi Nara.  Understandably, that suited the group just fine, as visitors to Hoengseong – the most famous beef region in a country obsessed with hanwoo (Korean beef) tend to crave the best of the best so close to the source.

After countless visits ordering nothing but the soup (see generally 3.214 Ugeoji Tang), we had a chance to try the beef at long last.  The modeum (모듬) – the term literally means “everything” – consisted of various cuts, including deungsim (ribeye), anchang (skirt), etc.  Though such combo platters can be iffy, dependent wholly upon whatever’s available or whatever the kitchen feels like serving, the meat was excellent, worthy of representing Hoengseong.

Moreover, the array of side dishes were impressive in both quantity and variety – 14 individual items –  awesome as usual.  In fact, we got so full from the freebies that we ended up ordering only 8 portions of meat (150 g x 8 = 1.2 kg )(main photo above shows 4 portions) for for 7 adults and 8 kids.

Still, at 32,000 won per portion, the total cost of 256,000 won for the beef alone wasn’t small change.  But everyone seemed quite happy, regardless of price.

A new meaning to the phrase “on ice.”
The night got started with tortilla chips + salsa + raw oysters + chogochujang …
… + snow-chilled tequila.


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