6.349 Bangeo Hoe


20 (Sun) December 2015

Bangeo Hoe


at Bada Hoe Center (Noryangjin Fish Market)

-Noryangjin, Seoul-

with the folks, family

The Prodigal Son Returns for Xmas, Day 5 (see previously 6.348 Chizza).

In Seoul.  Here through Christmas.  Going back on the 26th with the family to Manila, where we’ll finish out the year.

King Crab (4.0) — always good.

Bada Hoe Center (see generally 6.221 King Crab), following this second visit, is now confirmed as our go-to restaurant within the market.  Close to the parking lot, relatively quiet, private rooms available, speedy and friendly service, clean, reasonably priced.

Whereas “bangeo (방어)” is typically translated into English as “yellowtail,” and it’s similar in external appearance, the raw flesh is much darker/redder in color, compared to the whitish/pinkish flesh of yellowtail as served at Japanese restaurants in America — aka “Japanese amberjack = hamachi” — suggesting that they may be related but not the same species.

In fact, “yellowtail” is a non-technical descriptive term that applies, often adjectively, to a wide range of fish.

Regardless of name, it’s an encouraging sign that Koreans are beginning to embrace hoe beyond the white stuff (see for example 3.038 Bok & Dodari Hoe).

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