7.363 Shiromaru Special


2 (Mon) January 2017

Shiromaru Special


at Ippudo

-Uptown Mall, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

“Ippudo” = “one wind hall,” supposedly referring to the founder’s hope that his restaurant would represent a fresh breeze to revitalize the ramen industry.
From on-line photos, the interior decor would seem to look like this in every branch.

Ippudo is a Japanese noodle chain, famous for ramen, especially their signature tonkontsu ramen.  Founded 1985.  Currently over 80 locations in Japan, plus branches in 13 other countries, 3 branches in the Philippines.

Though apparently famous worldwide — not yet anywhere near as ubiquitous as Ajisen Ramen (see generally 5.154 Kakuni Ramen), I’d never heard of it until recently.

“Shiromaru” = “white ring,” presumably in reference to the white(ish) broth.

The ramen was good, objectively.  Rich, creamy broth.  Chewy, dense noodles.  Tender, juicy cuts of pork.  Nicely balanced with the seasoned seaweed and fresh scallions.  Perfectly cooked egg.  But subjectively, I’ve never been a huge fan of Japanese ramen, which generally I’ve found to be overly heavy in texture and flavor (see for example 5.147 Yakisoba…), perhaps in contrast to Japenese cuisine overall.

As noticeably undercooked, “very hard” = too hard.
E-X-A-C-T-L-Y (see also 2.365 Perfectly Boiled Eggs).
Goma Q (2.0) : “sliced cucumber with sesame dressing” — a bit oily, but the fresh cucumber provided a nice crunch.
Pork Bun (3.5) : supremely tender pork, delectably seasoned and grilled to a crisp, wrapped in a heavenly delicate/fluffy bun, plus a touch of fresh lettuce, a touch of creamy mayo — best dish of the spread.
By comparison, Momofuku’s pork buns would seem laughable (see generally 7.035 W T Fuku?) — now wondering if Momofuku is simply a failed rip-off of Ippudo.

21 thoughts on “7.363 Shiromaru Special

      1. …ahem. you tried the brisket buns 🙂
        Not the same.

  1. Considering your fondness of soft cooked eggs and your perfectionistic tendencies when it comes to cooking, I’m surprised you’ve yet to make a foray into sous-vide. 🙂

      1. Thumbs up! Takes time but everything ends up super delicious.

    1. whoah!!! apparently, GMTD does reveal my character to those who read deeply!!

      in real time (6 months in the future of the current bottlenecked GTMD timeline), i recently experienced the most amazing sous-vide dish and contemplate getting my own device!!!!!

      stay tuned!!!!!!

      (by virtue of a single comment, nancy is suddenly in contention for Number One Fan)

      1. 17 years of friendship and 7 loyal years of readership and this is the treatment i get???

    1. the only thing that worries me, based on my limited experiences, is the texture, which always seems to be rather boringly tender…..

      1. you can always finish it off with a quick sear. As I said, it takes time but the flavors are amazing.

      2. Used my new anova on a cheap cut of meat (london broil) this weekend. Cooked at 133 degrees for 7 hours, then quick 1 minute sear on each side on high heat. It was very tender but I think i didn’t quite season the meat enough. Gonna try a better cut of meat next time. Also excited to try for poultry.

      1. I saw that deal! it was VERY good. I only got boring stuff for Prime Day: saltwater sandals, magformers, etc. Let’s have a sous vide night soon 🙂

    1. The final result would depend on the temp and time used. Although I think I get what you mean by “boringly tender,” a colleague of mine also said something similar about sous vide steaks, the texture being too uniform and lacking a “gradient” (though when cooking a steak, this is often something you wish to minimize).

  2. @Nancy: yes, right, i didn’t try specifically the pork belly buns at momofuku (weren’t on the menu, at least not that night); but, are they substantially different than the brisket buns? which I found to be overseasoned and topped with too much crap. just saying that i appreciated the simplicity here….

    @Lisa: i think we met in the summer of 2001, so that’s only 16 years. if, if, you reach the 17-year mark, then the respect shall flow….

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