11.001 Tofu Salad


6 (Mon) January 2020

Tofu Salad


at Nihonbashi Tei

-San Lorenzo, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

This is the first post of what I anticipate will be the penultimate cycle of Give Me This Day – including today, just 731 posts left to go.


Looking to make a dramatic health recovery in the new year, including to reverse the corpulence and regain a glimmer of my youthful glory, I dropped by the clinic at work this afternoon for a weigh-in to establish a baseline.  111 kilograms on post 11.001 – a sign of divine providence.

Diet-wise, the general plan will involve reducing intake of whisky, red meat, and carbs, while increasing consumption of water, lean protein, and vegetables.

Shima Aji Sashimi (3.0)
Ika Ichiyaboshi Yaki (2.0): a total rip-off at 550 pesos.
Aji Hiraki Yaki (3.0)

I will take this opportunity to place a self ban on air-breathing fauna at Japanese restaurants.  In doing so, I will forego the pleasures of cow (see for example 8.199 Sukiyaki), chicken (see for example 10.270 Oyakodon), pig (see for example 7.007 Kurobuta Set), and whale (see for example 10.066 Lightly Seared Whale Sashimi with Seasoned Leek & Sesame Oil).  But the restriction applies only in commercial settings, for now.  Anyway, the best dishes on a Japanese menu involve non-mammalian sea creatures, so I’ll be just fine.

Milestones in Meat Moderation – for personal health, environmental sustainability, and the welfare of beasts, I am taking steps towards reducing my consumption of animals:

  1. No Australian beef (10.348 Steak)
  2. No air-breathing fauna at Japanese restaurants (11.001 Tofu Salad)
Not sure how much damage that discarded wasabi is doing to the plant, but in any case what a waste.

This has become our default Japanese venue due to its proximity to home, not the food.

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