10.316 Jangeo Sogeum Gui


17 (Sun) November 2019

Jangeo Sogeum Gui


at Jangeo Garden

(Phil Oasis)

-Silang, Cavite, Philippines-

with the Family, In-Laws

The In-Laws are in town – yay.  For 2 full weeks – yay.

We spent the afternoon in Tagaytay Highlands (see most recently 7.278 John Wayne’s Prime Rib; see generally 5.222 Steamed Garlic Fish Fillet).  Turns out that the In-Laws’ golf membership in Korea extends partnership benefits to Tagaytay Highlands.  So if I’m really really really lucky, they could begin spending their annual golf holiday in the Philippines – yay.

For dinner, we dropped by Jangeo Garden on the way home.

Possibly the crunchiest, most refreshing cucumbers that I’ve ever experienced.
Excellent quality lettuce and perilla leaves.

The eel comes with veg wraps and other Korean bbq sides.

The restaurant specializes in only one thing: eel (jangeo), which comes either sauced (yangnyeom) (left) or salted (sogeum) (right).

Generally, I tend to prefer salted eel, which allows for the flavor of the fish to come through (see for example 2.362 Grilled Hanbang Eel).  Sauced eel – typically in a thickish soy-based glaze, sometimes spicy – is always good.

Here, both the salted and sauced are good.

The eels are first pre-cooked over an electric grill in the kitchen, then finished off over live coals at the table.

The In-Laws were overwhelmed by the meal, yet another reason they may be tempted to come back – yay.

In fact, I got the impression that they finally began to sense why Koreans love living in the Philippines.

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