10.360 Grilled Garlic-Butter Lobsters


31 (Tue) December 2019

Grilled Garlic-Butter Lobsters


by me

at the cabin

-Changchon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Korea-

with the Family, Mom and Dad

2020 Winter Holiday in Korea, Day 8.

Mom and Dad joined us today so we could celebrate together the new year tomorrow.

This is actually the “front door,” but the area around it has become more like that of a utility side door.
Mom had proposed to pan-sear the steaks and steam the lobsters, but I wanted to try out the new gas grill, even though the outdoor temperature was -10°C.

Those lobsters that had arrived on my birthday, which I’d briefly believed to be birthday gifts from my mother but ended up being intended for my father (see 10.357 The Special), Mom brought them and asked me to prepare them – but only 3 of the 4, setting aside 1 so that Dad could enjoy it by himself later on.   If only W would learn from this example, it might be worth the ignomy.

Precooked and frozen out of the package, the lobsters were thawed, halved lengthwise, basted in garlic-butter, then grilled.  Unfortunately, the residual moisture didn’t allow for proper caramelization within the short time that I was willing to stand in the sub-zero cold.

Mom busted out her prized set of Lenox Autumn dinnerware, which she’s had since the 70s, collected piece by piece over several years, couldn’t afford to buy the dishes at once – tonight was the first time that I’ve seen them in decades.
Not too bad, a tad better than reheated lobster at a buffet (see for example 8.036 Lobster, Meh).
Ribeye Steaks (3.5)
To round out the meal, tomalley with steamed barley rice – couldn’t help but think of reader Nancy (see 9.151 Steamed Live Maine Lobster)!

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  1. Every time I get a mention, my heart skips a beat

    Loving the ubiquitous kimchi on the side 😛

    1. Every time a reader leaves a comment, my heart skips a beat. I think it’s clear that I’m not doing this for comments or even readership really – though I was told that I had a fairly strong if silent fan base when I was writing in Korea – but anyway it’s fun to see what people think.

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