12.090 Sushi B


5 (Mon) April 2021

Sushi B


at Sushi Hyo

(The Hyundai)

-Samseong, Gangnam, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Sushi Hyo is a Japanese restaurant chain.  Specializes in nigirizushi and sashimi.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste money eating in a restaurant located in a department store, where prices are jacked, especially for things like sushi.  But, I’d finally tracked down a watch for W to buy me (as per her promise, in gratitude for taking care of everyone during our 3-month lockdown in Manila), at a shop (Hamilton) in The Hyundai (suddenly, Koreans love putting “the” in front of things meant to sound important – e.g., the name of our apartment complex is Wirye The Hill – even if it sounds kinda awkward to a native English speaker), and I wanted to treat IZ to a proper dinner for his birthday (see also 12.089 Spaghetti Bolognese), and we were all too tired/lazy to go anywhere outside the department store.

The food was good, but overpriced at 48,000 won for 12 pieces of sushi.

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