Korean-Swedish Culinary Exchange

This is an on-going collaboration between Number One Swedish Fan GK and myself.  I cook something Swedish.   He cooks something Korean.  We take photos.  We share photos.  We comment on each other’s dishes.  We enjoy.  We learn.  We thrive.  We make the world a better place.

GK himself, in my home (Oksu) during a visit to Korea, sampling my köttbullar, with lingonberry jam that he brought for me.

It began in 2012, during Cycle 3 of GMTD.  Under s post featuring AHQFGT, he commented: “OMG that sounds so awful… But I might give that meal a try just for the heck of it.. If I can get my hands on some spam that is…” (see 1.101 The At-Home Quick-Fix Go-To Meal – Deluxe!).  In Sweden, SPAM wasn’t the only problem; kimchi would also be very difficult to come by.  He found SPAM.  He made kimchi.  His mission report: “Hey man!  I just tried ‘making’ this dish myself!  You were right, the combination of salty spam, the fried egg, the (homemade) kimchi, and finally the rice was pretty awesome!”  In exchange, I made Swedish meatballs.

GK’s own AHQFGT.

Consolidated here are all posts arising from this engagement or inspired thereby, even if GK was not directly involved.  The posts involving tête-à-tête exchanges, where GK was involved, are highlighted in blue.  Other posts involving GK but not directly related to Korean-Swedish exchanges – e.g., the Battle! posts are crossovers into a separate cooking collaboration on GMTD involving additional readers, wherein specific ingredients are the running theme, not Korean or Swedish cuisine – are highlighted in yellow.

  1. (#1) Köttbullar X AHQFGT (3.292 Köttbullar)
  2. (i#2) Kåldolmar X Bibimbab (3.330 Kåldolmar)
  3. (#3) Sampgyeopsal X Sampgyeopsal (3.349 Sampgyeopsal)
  4. (#4) Raggmunk X Jabchae (4.007 Raggmunk with Köttbullar)
  5. (#5) Kroppkakor X Kimchi Jjigae (4.069 Kroppkakor in Zucchini-Picada Cream Sauce)
  6. (#6) Tonkatsu X Tonkatsu (4.107 Tonkatsu with Shredded Cabbage in Ketchup & Mayo)
  7. (#7) Köttbullar X Jeyuk Bokkeum (4.168 Köttbullar with 3D Mash)
  8. (#8) Ggagdugi X Kimchi (4.172 Ggagdugi)
  9. Bindae Ddeok (4.223 Wonjo Bindae Ddeok)
  10. Köttbullar with Lingonberry Jam (4.227 Köttbullar med Lingonsylt)
  11. Dweji Galbi (4.234 Dweji Galbi)
  12. Mul Naeng Myeon (4.261 Pyongyang Naeng Myeon)
  13. Caviar Canapés (4.335 Kaviarsmörgås)
  14. Tomatsill (5.001 Tomatsill on Baguette Slices)
  15. Millennium (5.028 Sure, Why Not, The Beef This Time)
  16. Sailor Potatoes (5.126 Creamy Sailor Potatoes with Pan-Fried Halibut)
  17. Köttbullar with Spaghetti (7.263 Köttbullar with Spaghetti)
  18. Köttbullar (11.169 Swedish Meatballs)
  19. Köttbullar with Spaghetti (11.185 Spaghetti & Allemansrätten Meatballs)
  20. Köttbullar with Tagliatelle (12.015 Köttbullar with Tagliatelle)
  21. Pancakes with Lingonberry Jam (12.016 Pancakes à la Marly)
  22. Pork Chops (12.018 A Nice Roasted Elephant with Onions and Brown Gravy)
  23. Chocolate Cake with Lingonberry Jam (12.019 Jailbreak Cake)
  24. (#9) Pasta and Salmon Pudding X Kimchi (12.020 Pasta and Salmon Pudding)
  25. Fiskfinnar (12.021 Fish Fingers with Pasta and Salmon Pudding in Cheese Cream Sauce)
  26. Rösti (12.023 Rösti à la Gustaf)
  27. Battle: Duck! (12.026 Battle: Duck!)
  28. (#10) Jansson’s Medley X Gaji Jjanji (12.035 Jansson’s Medley)
  29. (#11) Blueberry-Lingonberry Cheesecake X Bulgogi (12.044 Blueberry-Lingonberry Cheesecake)
  30. Gyeran Mari (12.047 Gyeran Mari, Two Ways, Revisited)
  31. Battle: Blood! (12.051 Battle: Blood!)
  32. (#12) Kåldolmar X Bibimbap (12.063 Kåldolmar)
  33. Bibim Myeon (12.058 Kimchi-Cucumber Bibim Myeon)
  34. Battle: Chicken Cinquain! (12.077 Battle: Chicken Cinquain!)
  35. (#13) Pytt i Panna X Kal Guksu (12.093 Pytt i Panna)
  36. (#14) Dak Kal Guksu X Pytt i Panna (12.103 Dak Kal Guksu)
  37. Köttbullar med Potatismos & Sås (12.112 Köttbullar med Potatismos & Sås)
  38. Egg Wraps with Roast Duck (12.117 Egg Wraps with Roast Duck)
  39. Battle: Comfort! (12.136 Battle: Comfort!)
  40. Vildsvinsgryta (12.151 Vildsvinsgryta)
  41. (#15) Stuvade Makaroner med Falukorv X Ramyeon Royale (12.158 Stuvade Makaroner med Falukorv)
  42. (#16) Rårakor X Dubu Jorim (12.190 Rårakor)
  43. Jansson’s Medley (12.194 Spaghetti al Pomodoro Crudo)
  44. Jansson’s Medley Primo Deluxe (12.195 Jansson’s Medley Primo Deluxe)
  45. (#17) Kalops X Budae Jjigae (12.221 Kalops Beyond)
  46. Pork Ribs (12.265 Pork Ribs)
  47. Huvudroll Plant Balls (12.278 Plant Balls)
  48. Meatballs (12.279 Spaghetti & Meatballs)
  49. (#18) Blåbärade X Pogi Kimchi (12.282 Blåbärade)
  50. Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans (12.285 Butter Garlic Scallops)
  51. (#19) Kall Inkokt Lax X Jeyuk Bokkeum (12.298 Kall Inkokt Lax)
  52. (#20) Toast Skagen X Mackerel Kimchi Jjigae (12.336 Toast Skagen)
  53. (#21) Köttbullar in Truffle Gravy X AHQFGT (12.340 Köttbullar in Truffle Gravy)
  54. Vanilla Cake with Lingonberry Yogurt Topping (12.341 Vanilla Cake with Lingonberry Yogurt Topping)
  55. Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken Breast in Truffle Gravy (12.342 Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken Breast in Truffle Gravy)
  56. (#22) Toast Gravad Lax X Ddukbaegi Gyeran Jjim (12.361 Toast Gravad Lax)
  57. (#23) Spenatsoppa X Dolsot Bibimbab (13.073 Spenatsoppa)
  58. (#24) Smörgås Jordnötssmör och Sylt X Doenjang Jjigae (13.095 Smörgås Jordnötssmör och Sylt)
  59. (#25) (Jjin) Gamja X Potato Buns (14.178 Gamja Project (1): (Jjin) Gamja)
  60. Steamed Potatoes with Dill Alioli (and Pan-Seared Salmon) (14.186 Gamja Project (7): Steamed Potatoes with Dill Alioli (and Pan-Seared Salmon))
  61. (#26) Patatas Bravas X Ensaladilla Rusa (14.190 Gamja Project (10) Patatas Bravas)
  62. (#27) Mash X Tortilla (14.196 Gamja Project (12) Mashed Potatoes in Chicken Gravy (with Roast Chicken))
  63. Salmon Fillet (also Dala Horse Nugget) (14.205 Salmon Fillet)

Never in a billion years could I have imagined that Swedish cuisine would play such a strong role in GMTD, which has been so enriched by my efforts to explore a food culture that I otherwise might not have experienced, as well GK’s contributions on the Korean end.  Thanks a billion!

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